Roofing contractor dies after falling from rooftop of Yonkers home

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Nail straight into the shingle, and adjust the setting on your gun or the pressure on your compressor so the nails pull the shingle tight to the decking but stay flush with the surface. Keep a hammer close at hand to take care of nails that get only partially driven in. Even if a buddy has an old roofing stapler with free staples, politely decline.
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Houses with low slopes carry far more risk than houses with a higher slope and pitch. This is because low slope roofs tend to carry more of the snow’s weight, which then increases the buildup of ice dams forming on your eaves. Finally, it’s crucial to install it underneath the flashing or shingles to prevent these from entirely overlapping.
Best Roofing providing a manufacturer’s warranty as well as our signature maintenance agreement, “The Best Roofing Umbrella Guarantee.” Owned by Morgans Hotel Group, the Delano in South Beach is a luxury resort that encourages guests to live every moment more intensely. Best Roofing was contract to remove the existing roof and replace it with a new Modified Bitumen roofing system with tapered insulation for positive drainage.
If you have an interior window that provides roof access, use it to step out onto a secure section. Otherwise, Barrie Roofing will be necessary to set up an extension ladder and climb onto the roof carefully. If your roof measures 48 feet x 24 feet (7.3 m), multiplying its length by its width would give you a square footage of 1,152 square feet (107.0 m2). If its pitch is 6-in-12 (a pitch multiplier of 1.12), multiplying 1,152 sq ft (107.0 m2) by 1.12 would give you an overall square footage of 1,290 square feet .
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Our roof leak detection and repair services in Mesa and Phoenix saves property owners thousands in water damage repairs. Don’t let the water drip through into buckets and ignore a roof leak. Water leaking in your home can be hidden in ceilings, walls, and end up resting under flooring. As water stagnates it will lead to mildew and worse; mold.
Your roof is a valuable part of your premises, and you deserve the best types of roofing that will give you what you need to make sure you are adequately protected. Have you ever driven past a restaurant and become hungry because the smell of fried chicken is in the air? Well, that smell from the restaurant is likely coming from the roof.